Angie, one of eight children, was born in 1946 to Joe Isidro and Clara Lovato. Angie has a son Dean, who works for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and does some jewelry-making, as does his wife, Rena Williams Owen, who learned the craft from her mother-in-law. Angie's late daughter Donna developed her own distinctive style of silver work. Donna's son Dalton (b. 1993) also works in mosaic overlay, he started out making copper bracelets and then in 2005 began working in silver work. Angie's oldest grandson Daniel, is learning silversmithing, and the next youngest, Corey has been her apprentice since 2001 -- much as Angie learned, under her mothers supervision, sitting at a small bench her father made, drilling shell blanks for beads. Angie's mother did mosaics on shell as a young women. When Angie began jewelry making on her own she started with mosaics on her earrings in the 1960's, as that style had died out she wanted to try the traditional mosaic overlay style first. She also incorporated motifs from the pottery of her great-grandmother, Monica Silva, in her earrings, bracelet, and other items, along with her mosaic work.  

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